Corporate Sessions, Private (In-Home), and Events:
Please contact Jen at
jennifersuyoga@gmail.com and include length of desired session and number of attendees.


"I've been doing yoga off and on for the past 5 years, never really got very far. Until I started practicing under Jen a couple months ago, and she helped me fall back in love with yoga (and stay dedicated). Not only is she knowledgable with the yoga poses and human anatomy (i.e. she knows the best techniques to avoid bodily damage) but also is wonderful at adapting her classes based on the needs/skills/goals of her students. Every class with her has been different and challenging which is what I'm looking for. Too often have I been to classes that seem to be on a loop or an instructor who only meets the needs of a small group of their students (e.g. the practice too easy or too advanced). I've never experienced that with Jen. I've seen not only seen improvements in my practice but also my love of yoga reinvigorated."

- Corrie A., Emeryville