"Yoga allowed me to accept myself – my disability and limitations – and through yoga I cultivated patience and hope which brought me to my recovery."

About Jen

As a certified yoga instructor, Jen teaches yoga to private, corporate, and group sessions in the Bay Area specializing in injury recovery and chronic pain relief. Her yoga philosophy is inspired from her years of practice connecting the body, breath, and spirit. Her yoga training includes Chronic Pain Recovery, Prenatal, Power, Iyengar, and Vinyasa flow.

In Jen's words

I love all movement… from running, tennis, lifting, salsa dancing, and rugby. Coming from a passion for high-intensity sports, I was a competitive "go hard or go home" kind of girl in all aspects of life. A sequence of events began to slow me down. I sustained a debilitating knee injury after playing on the UC Davis women's rugby team; followed by a repetitive stress injury in both wrists from working 12 hour days in my corporate job; and a devastating suicide attempt made by a beloved family member. This was the start of my quarter life crisis.

Disabled in my upper extremities, I couldn't resume daily activities such as bathing, brushing my teeth, or driving. I lived in the life of chronic pain while the doctors prescribed higher and higher dosages of pain medications. Yoga became my muse. It provided me with a physical and mental discipline as my life fell apart. Yoga allowed me to face my pain and suffering, and provided the mental perseverance I needed for my recovery.

After many yoga modifications, I could finally hold the downward dog pose. Yoga changed my perspective in life. From a fast paced, type A personality, I learned how to slow down and be fully present while increasing awareness of my body and learning to work around my limitations. It started to change my body by strengthening and building leaner muscles and finally adding forearm stands into my practice. Yoga has been a blessing in disguise and it is the greatest privilege to share my practice with others.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!


Yoga for chronic pain is a specialized programs tailored toward injury recovery and chronic pain. Please contact to set up private session.

Prenatal and Postnatal yoga is yoga for women in all stages through pregnancy and after birth. Prenatal yoga helps prepare woman bodies for childbirth by opening the pelvic floor muscles and hips.

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic yoga flow focuses on cultivating strength, alignment, and flexibility. These series of movements are linked together with the breath. Prepare to sweat! Meditation, pranayama, and philosophy are often weaved into this class.


"After our very first session I knew what a totally unexpected blessing it was that I had found just the right person to introduce me to the true nature of the yoga experience. 

The key ingredient for my success is Jennifer herself. First, although she is less than half my age, her own history of chronic pain and chronicle of frustrating treatments far exceeded my own - so she could relate to my current condition on a very personal basis. Second, she is non-judgmental and does not casually dismiss any of my concerns - whether they were physical symptoms or physiological limitations based upon fear of failure or increased pain. Third, and perhaps most important, she has an intimate understanding of the very real and destructive effects of the anxiety and depression that can accompany chronic pain - in my case made worse by "retirement" and loss of purpose. Fourth is her dedication to serving her client's needs and her incredible ability to modify her strategies to address new issues that were only revealed as sessions progressed. That is, she does not insist that a client adhere to a pre-conceived fixed "routine" that is meant to meet all needs. Instead, she works very hard to understand her client's issues and applies her knowledge and experience to select poses that will build strength, confidence and mental acuity.

Many times she has had to stop, reassess my weaknesses and incorporate new elements (including non-yoga exercises) that will address those weaknesses before my practice can progress. Finally, her joyful spirit, steadfast faith in yoga, unending patience, unwavering persistence, and resilience allow her to help a person identify long held self-defeating behaviors and attitudes and refocus those energies into becoming part of the healing process. Peace of mind seems such a simple platitude, but I have a lot of work ahead of me - and I feel so very fortunate to have Jennifer as my guide for the journey."

- Chris R, San Mateo